Here you can find a showcase of some of my surface and pattern  designs collections  for the home and fashion markets by season.


Surya collection inspired by exotic faraway lands, that have beautiful long nights and joyful days of Summer.⁠

Hummingbird Garden

A small, brightly and daintly conversational piece, with flowers and birds, perfect for home and quilting projects.


A classic collection of single flowers in a covered tossed layout inspired by the design chintz, very popular in the eighteenth and nineteenth century.


This collection takes us to enjoy the vibrant days of Summer afternoon.

Colors of lime, lemon and Ice.


Camps Elisis

Inspired by a romantic garden, an all over floral pattern with a lovely blend of magnolias, jasmine and freesias flowers. Will bring elegance and a modern style to any project.


The Nila collection takes us to far away places, thinking of beautiful long  nights and joyful days of Summer.

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