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“When I design prints I always have in mind my clients, I imagine in which world they want to live or dream. And that world is sophisticated, floral and unique.”

Hello! I’m Cristina Gómez, a freelance Illustrator & surface pattern designer from Barcelona, (Spain).
I studied fine arts, while collaborating in different seminars and workshops, I gained experience in other backgrounds including publishing, interior design, graphic design, illustration and archival restoration.
In 1994 I moved to San Francisco (USA) where I participated in a variety of solo and group art exhibits, while continuing my education in fine arts and within a short while I began a transition into film, earning a film degree in 2002 (CCSF), during this time I completed three short films that were viewed at different festivals and venues. In 2007 I moved back to Europe, where I spend time in Berlin and London, to work on a series of paintings.
I love home decor, I discovered textile and surface pattern design and fell in love with it, I  learned  about the technical process, from how to gather inspiration to design a rapport and get ready to be printed, and that changed the way I express myself artistically.
Working for several years for different companies in the luxury retail industry has giving me a deep understanding in consumer behaviour, their needs and how the retail industry works, that understanding is constantly applied on my work process.
I consider myself a Knowmad   I travel continuously to learn more about my field in the textile & print industry , visiting fairs, attending conferences , factories and getting further education in design. My print designs, are mostly florals,  inspired by the parks,the seasons, the art, nature and my travels.

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