Silentia collection pattern bedroom
Silentia collection jar
Silentia collection cushion
Silentia collection box candle
Silentia collection sheets
The Silentia collection designed with soft colors and delicate falling flowers brings quietness into our rooms.The pastel colors and minimal design are use to develop a calming effect to renew our spirit, the feminine flowers are created to feel delicate and pure.
After a hectic day in the outside world entering the world of the Silentia collection is entering into your own sanctuary for relaxation.
Silentia bed spread
Silentia collection pattern bed spread
Silentia set of boxes
“When I designed this collection the main inspiration was the word of “Silence” and that silence is all we need, the restless pace that we live in and the constant technological connection at the end of the day makes us tired and stress. I love to step into a room to unwind and breathe and that is the aim of this collection “
Silentia pattern
Silentia collection long curtains

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