Mood board for “Echo of summer”

I want to share with you my mood board for the upcoming print design “Echo of summer”.

I chose for this collection, the Tropical trend for S/S 2018, creating a print for different markets.

While I’m designing I always have in mind which customer would buy objects with my prints, this time I had in mind an adventurous woman, a nomad in this digital age that loves nature and likes to spend time or dreams in tropical places.

Taking inspiration from the works of Henri Rousseau lush paintings.I have always been drawn to his paintings. I just saw, on my last trip to London one of his paintings while visiting the National Gallery. His paintings always transport me to mysterious and exuberant places, they just made me dream of adventures.

The color palette has components of the bright summer sky, the bird’s feathers, and the colorful flowers.

Looking forward to unveiling the new print. Next month I will be showing another Mood board for a sneak peek of a collection that I have in mind.