Postcards from my travels -Madrid-

My trip to Madrid for the Textile Premium fair has giving me the opportunity to visit the Museum Casa Sorolla, last year I participated in a crowdfunding to bring to the museum a small painting -Almendro en flor.

To all the people that participated in this crowdfunding had an invitation to visit the museum to see the painting in person, this museum is  where Sorolla lived and was his painting studio,  I recommend if you’re in Madrid and have the time to visit it is a beautiful small museum and it has some of the most famous paintings, the garden is a nice place to rest after walking in Madrid.

Another visit I coulnd’t miss in this trip was the Bosch exhibition at Museo El Prado,I’m still in awe, what an amazing opportunity to see this genius work, I could have spend just in one painting a whole day..the more you look at the paintings the more you discover..Also there was an installation called “Jardin infinito” that captured the spirit of The Bosch. It was prohibited to take pictures of the Bosch exhibition so I only have the ones from the Art Installation, I didn’t have the time to visit the rest of El Museo del Prado, and I just quickly saw some Goya and velazquez’s paintings , I need to return to Madrid to visit it with more time.

Madrid has an amazing cultural offer, from Museums, Art galleries, theaters and just walking on the street and look at the buildings ,parks, shops,bars and restaurants but try to go in the Fall or is very hot in the Summer.


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