Mad about the pattern design app at the V&A

” The excellence of every art must consist in the complete accomplishment of its purpose”



This quote is what it reads at the front entrance arch of the V&A museum, it’s my favorite museum in the whole world, and the one I will visit every time I’m in London.

This last visit to the museum I realize and made a conscious choice that from now on I will dedicate one room at a time so I can really learn an enjoy the display pieces, this feat will actually take me years to complete, but I love challenges ;).

In on  Level two where the exhibition  Britain 1500 – 1760  takes place in the textile section where I found what would be an addictive app for any pattern designer.

This app lets you create patterns and you choose the motifs and colors, creating patterns that after you finish are mail to you by the museum. I could have spent my whole visit playing with the app, as you can see in the video below how it works, pure addiction.


And here are the three  designs that I made with the app, my favorite is the third one:

textile textile2 textile3