The London Print design fair Oct/Nov 2017

This past week I made a trip to London, one of the reasons besides visiting the beautiful city, was to attend The London print design fair and Texfusion.



Is the biggest print fair held in the U.K, and is held very convenient in the Business Design center, very easy to access with public transport and near the city center.


I arrive earlier in the morning on the first day of the fair, the stands were still getting ready, I was visiting the fair to have a look and admired the work of established studios, make some new contacts and have a look at how this kind of fair works so maybe in the future have my own booth.

This fair I think will work well for small studios that are starting in the business, is small in comparison with Premiere vision or Heimtextil and you can be next to big studios making business so it gives you a better exposure than other big fairs.One thing that got my attention was the business dedicated to selling vintage prints and old mills fabric samples books to designers so they can use the patterns and redesigned them, I didn’t know there was a market for that, and it seems that big companies are using those non-copyright prints to make new designs.

IMG_20171031_103538 IMG_20171031_111955IMG_20171031_103518

It was a nice experience, learned a lot about the business, now this is important for me to this point of my career, I meet in person print studios and who knows maybe one of this years I will be having my own designs showing at one of the booths