Visit to the Fondazione Antonio Ratti

I have come again to my favorite city, Milano. This time around, through the pattern designers group, I contacted a designer that lives in the Como area.I wanted to meet her and have coffee and talk about our mutual passion for designing prints.

She was very gracious, not only open the doors of her house (she prepare the most amazing Italian pasta for lunch, with the best wine), but she took me to visit the textile area of Como, starting in the Fondazione Antonio Ratti.

Antonio Ratti, was a was an Italian entrepreneur in the field of silk fabrics, recognized worldwide for its beautiful paisley designs. Fondazione Antonio Ratti deals with contemporary art, fabric Studio, organizes the advanced course in Visual Arts, Kunsthalle and seminars  Lectures. Promotes exhibitions, conferences, events and workshops in the field of textiles, arts and general themes based in the Villa Sucota Como.

We visited the small museum with some of his designs, and the amazing library, the people that works in the Fondazione they were very nice and eager thelp.Was an amazing experience to be there, and  to discover his work and the foundation.

Then she took me to The Textile Solution center, is a company dedicated to sell industrial digital printers for textile, it was great to see how they tried the machines, I saw how the fabric is washed and learned how they use different print processes.

It was an amazing day trip making a new friend and wanting to come back to discover more of the Como area .